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Elf: Fitzy Shortstack
Direct link: dialup website
Objective: Open HID Lock


Fitzy Shortstack

"Put it in the cloud," they said...
"It'll be great," they said...
All the lights on the Christmas trees throughout the castle are controlled through a remote server.
We can shuffle the colors of the lights by connecting via dial-up, but our only modem is broken!
Fortunately, I speak dial-up. However, I can't quite remember the handshake sequence.
Maybe you can help me out? The phone number is 756-8347; you can use this blue phone.


One option to solve this challenge is to iterate through all possible combinations manually. A quicker alternative is to check dialup.js and see that the script defines several event listeners that each append part of a code to a secret variable.

pickup.addEventListener('click', () => {
  if (phase === 0) {
    phase = 1;
    secret += '39cajd'
  } else {
    phase = 0;

Follow the order defined by the different phase boolean condition statements in dialup.js to recreate the final secret value as 39cajd3j2jc329dz4hhddhbvan3djjzz. The correct order of events, CSS classes, and JavaScript variables are outlined below.

Phase Action CSS class JS variable Secret added
1 Pickup the receiver .pickup pickup 39cajd
2, 3 Dial 7568347 .dtmf0 to .dtmf9 btn0 to btn9 -
4 baa DEE brrrr .respCrEsCl btnrespCrEsCl 3j2jc
5 aaah .ack ack 329dz
6 WEWEWEwrwrrwrr .cm_cj cm_cj 4hhdd
7 beDURRdunditty .l1_l2_info l1_l2_info hbvan3
8 SCHHHRRHHRTHRTR .trn trn djjzz

The script submits secret and resourceID using a HTTP GET request to ensure the challenge is marked completed for the logged in player. To solve the challenge and receive credit in your badge, open a web browser JavaScript console and use secret="39cajd3j2jc329dz4hhddhbvan3djjzz" to set the secret variable (1). Submit the data by copy/pasting the JQuery GET request found at the end of dialup.js (2).


When you take the manual route, you'll hear a female voice stating Your lights have been updated after sending the right sequence. In addition, when selecting the SCHHRRHHRTHRTR sound, you'll also be able to enjoy a variation of the famous Wilhelm scream where Wilhelm sounds as if he's being forced through an Espresso maker. 😲


Fitzy Shortstack

탢ݵרOُ񆨶$Ԩ؉楌Բ ahem! We did it! Thank you!!
Anytime you feel like changing the color scheme up, just pick up the phone!
You know, Santa really seems to trust Shinny Upatree...