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Unscape Tmux⚓︎

Elf: Pepper Minstix
Direct link: tmux terminal
Objective: Operate the Santavator


Pepper Minstix

Howdy - Pepper Minstix here!
I've been playing with tmux lately, and golly it's useful.
Problem is: I somehow became detached from my session.
Do you think you could get me back to where I was, admiring a beautiful bird?
If you find it handy, there's a tmux cheat sheet you can use as a reference.
I hope you can help!


Tmux Cheat Sheet

There's a handy tmux reference available at!


Welcome message
Can you help me?

I was playing with my birdie (she's a Green Cheek!) in something called tmux,
then I did something and it disappeared!

Can you help me find her? We were so attached!!

Listing the available Tmux sessions using tmux list-sessions reveals a single session.

List Tmux sessions

Attach the session using either tmux a or tmux attach -t 0.

List Tmux sessions


tmux a


Pepper Minstix

You found her! Thanks so much for getting her back!
Hey, maybe I can help YOU out!
There's a Santavator that moves visitors from floor to floor, but it's a bit wonky.
You'll need a key and other odd objects. Try talking to Sparkle Redberry about the key.
For the odd objects, maybe just wander around the castle and see what you find on the floor.
Once you have a few, try using them to split, redirect, and color the Super Santavator Sparkle Stream (S4).
You need to power the red, yellow, and green receivers with the right color light!