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Linux Primer⚓︎

Elf: Sugarplum Mary
Direct link: linux terminal
Objective: Point-of-Sale Password Recovery


Sugarplum Mary

Sugarplum Mary? That's me!
I was just playing with this here terminal and learning some Linux!
It's a great intro to the Bash terminal.
If you get stuck at any point, type hintme to get a nudge!
Can you make it to the end?


Welcome message
The North Pole 🍭 Lollipop Maker:
All the lollipops on this system have been stolen by munchkins.
Capture munchkins by following instructions here and 🍭's will appear in the green bar below.
Run the command "hintme" to receive a hint.

Many of the terminals at KringleCon are designed to help you get acquainted with a specific technology or tool. In this case the Bash command shell and some common shell commands. The Answers section below provides a copy/pastable overview of each of the commands. All entries link to which provides a detailed explanation of the command and its parameters.


  1. Perform a directory listing: ls -l
  2. Find the munchkin inside the munchkin: cat munchkin_19315479765589239
  3. Remove the munchkin in your home dir: rm munchkin_19315479765589239
  4. Print the present working dir: pwd
  5. Find the hidden munchkin: find . -iname *munchkin*
  6. Find the munchkin in your command history: history | grep -i munchkin
  7. Find the munchkin in your env vars: env | grep -i munchkin
  8. Head into the workshop: cd workshop
  9. Find which toolbox the munchkin is in: grep -iR munchkin *
  10. Run the lollipop_engine binary: chmod 755 lollipop_engine; ./lollipop_engine
  11. cd into electrical and rename blown_fuse0 to fuse0: cd electrical/; mv blown_fuse0 fuse0
  12. Make a symbolic link named fuse1 that points to fuse0: ln -s fuse0 fuse1
  13. Make a copy of fuse1 named fuse2: cp fuse1 fuse2
  14. Add MUNCHKIN_REPELLENT into the file fuse2echo MUNCHKIN_REPELLENT > fuse2
  15. Find the munchkin somewhere in /opt/munchkin_den: find /opt/munchkin_den/ -iname *munchkin*
  16. Find the file in /opt/munchkin_den that is owned by the user munchkin: find /opt/munchkin_den/ -user munchkin
  17. Find the file created by munchkins >108 Kb and <110 Kb in /opt/munchkin_den: find /opt/munchkin_den/ -size +108k -a -size -110k
  18. List running processes to find another munchkin: ps ax | grep -i munchkin
  19. Use a command to have the only listening port display: netstat -tunlp
  20. Interact with this server to retrieve the last munchkin: curl
  21. Stop the 14516_munchkin process: kill 3045



Sugarplum Mary

You did it - great! Maybe you can help me configure my postfix mail server on Gentoo!
Just kidding!
Hey, wouldja' mind helping me get into my point-of-sale terminal?
It's down, and we kinda' need it running.
Problem is: it is asking for a password. I never set one!
Can you help me figure out what it is so I can get set up?
Shinny says this might be an Electron application.
I hear there's a way to extract an ASAR file from the binary, but I haven't looked into it yet.