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Holiday Hero⚓︎

Elf: Chimney Scissorsticks
Direct link: hero website
Objective: Shellcode Primer


Chimney Scissorsticks

Woo! I'm Chimney Scissorsticks, and I'm having a great time up here!
I've been hanging out with all these NetWars players and not worrying about what's going on next door.
In fact, I've really been having fun playing with this Holiday Hero terminal. You can use it to generate some jamming holiday tunes that help power Santa's sleigh!
It's more fun to play with a friend but I've also heard there's a clever way to enable single player mode.
Single player mode? I heard it can be enabled by fiddling with two client-side values, one of which is passed to the server.
It's so much more fun and easier with a friend though!
Either way, we'd really appreciate your help getting the sleigh all fueled up.
Then I can get back to thinking about shellcode...


The most fun way to solve this challenge is by teaming up with a friend, but if you want to try out the single player mode that Chimney Scissorsticks refers to you'll need to do two things. First, change the HOHOHO cookie's single_player field to true and refresh the webpage to ensure the updated value is picked up.

HOHOHO cookie

Next, use option 2 to create a room, change the single_player_mode variable defined in the holidayhero.min.js script to true using the web brower's console, and wait for the message stating "Player 2 (COMPUTER) has joined!" to appear on screen.

HOHOHO cookie

That's it! Single player mode is now active. Toggle the switch on the left console to the ON position and have fun!

Sleigh refuel success


Chimney Scissorsticks

You did it - rock on! We're all set now that the sleigh is fueled!
So hey, let me talk to you a bit about manual exploitation.
If you run into any shellcode primers at the North Pole, be sure to read the directions and the comments in the shellcode source!
Also, troubleshooting shellcode can be difficult. Use the debugger step-by-step feature to watch values.
Lastly, be careful not to overwrite any register values you need to reference later on in your shellcode.
That's it! I know you can do it!