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Blockchain Divination⚓︎

Direct link: Blockchain Explorer website



Use the Blockchain Explorer in the Burning Ring of Fire to investigate the contracts and transactions on the chain. At what address is the KringleCoin smart contract deployed? Find hints for this objective hidden throughout the tunnels.


Don't bug me, kid. Luigi needs me to keep an eye on these offers you can't refute.
The boss told me to watch them for any shifty transactions from wallets that aren't on the pre-sale list.
He said to use this Block Explo... Exploder... thing.
With this, I can see all the movement of the uh... non-fungusable tokens.
Once on the blockchain, it's there forever for the whole world to see.
So if I spot anything that don't look right, I can let Luigi know, and Palzari will get to the bottom of it.
She looks sweet, but she's actually the boss' enforcer. Have you talked to her yet? She even scares me!
It sure would be fun to watch you get on her bad side. Heh heh.



Look at the transaction information. There is a From: address and a To: address. The To: address lists the address of the KringleCoin smart contract.

A Solid Hint

Find a transaction in the blockchain where someone sent or received KringleCoin! The Solidity Source File is listed as KringleCoin.sol. Tom's Talk might be helpful!


Getting lucky

Because the Blockchain Explorer opens on the most recently added block by default, we might get lucky and land on a KringleCoin transaction when opening the website. If that's the case, the current block's Solidity Source File field will contain KringleCoin.sol and the smart contract's address will be in the To field.

What is a smart contract?

Per IBM, Smart contracts are simply programs stored on a blockchain that run when predetermined conditions are met. They typically are used to automate the execution of an agreement so that all participants can be immediately certain of the outcome, without any intermediary’s involvement or time loss. They can also automate a workflow, triggering the next action when conditions are met.

When KringleCoin (KC) is transferred from one wallet to another, the logic in the KringleCoin smart contract is used to perform certain checks before actually executing the transfer. For example, the smart contract will need to contain some logic that verifies that the sender has sufficient funds before allowing the transfer to proceed.

In addition, with blockchain technology every new block holds the hash of the previous block and thus new data is always added to the end of the blockchain. Since transferring KC between wallets requires the KringleCoin smart contract address and new blocks are added after existing blocks, the smart contract has to be located somewhere at the beginning of the blockchain.

Iterating over the blockchain from the beginning using the Blockchain Explorer, we can skip over block number 0 as that is what's called the Genesis Block. It exists because the blockchain needs to start with something and it allows the next block to calculate a parent hash value. As expected though, the second block or block number 1 is where the KringleCoin smart contract is stored.

KringleCoin Smart Contract address