Minty Candycane - Holiday Hack Trail#

Minty Candycane

Objective: Get Access to the Steam Tunnels


Hi! I'm Minty Candycane!
I just LOVE this old game!
I found it on a 5 1/4" floppy in the attic.
You should give it a go!
If you get stuck at all, check out this year's talks.
One is about web application penetration testing.
Good luck, and don't get dysentery!




Start by looking at the HTML source code for some hints about each difficulty level.

HTML Source


To solve the challenge on 'easy' start the game, click on easy, then click on buy (no need to make any changes to your inventory), change the distance parameter in the URL to whatever value covers the remaining distance, and press <enter>.

Edit URL

On the next screen the distance value should have decreased.

Distance Remaining

Now press the Go button.

We Won


Solving the challenge on 'medium' really isn't all that different. Instead of manipulating the distance in the URL we now change the distance value in the HTML body. Click on medium, then click the buy button, open up your browser's developer tools, and edit the value of the input tag named distance.


Press the Go button.

We Won



You made it - congrats!
Have you played with the key grinder in my room? Check it out!
It turns out: if you have a good image of a key, you can physically copy it.
Maybe you'll see someone hopping around with a key here on campus.