Bushy Evergreen - Escape Ed#

Bushy Evergreen

Objective: Evaluate Attack Outcome


Hi, I'm Bushy Evergreen. Welcome to Elf U!
I'm glad you're here. I'm the target of a terrible trick.
Pepper Minstix is at it again, sticking me in a text editor.
Pepper is forcing me to learn ed.
Even the hint is ugly. Why can't I just use Gedit?
Please help me just quit the grinchy thing.




The Ed manual provides the answer on the first page.

Ed Manual

Simply type q and press <enter> to exit the editor.



Type q and press <enter>.


Wow, that was much easier than I'd thought.
Maybe I don't need a clunky GUI after all!
Have you taken a look at the password spray attack artifacts?
I'll bet that DeepBlueCLI tool is helpful.
You can check it out on GitHub.
It was written by that Eric Conrad.
He lives in Maine - not too far from here!